The legendary Golden Axe is now out on Android

Just like clockwork, SEGA continues to release a new free title for Android every two works as part of the SEGA Forever initiative that revives its former glories as smartphone games. This week they’ve brought us Golden Axe in its SEGA Genesis version released in 1987. Like the titles before it in this series, it’s completely free and includes discreet ads in the startup menus only.

One of SEGA’s most defining beat ’em ups was the fruit of the interest in swordsmanship and witchcraft stirred up by the movie adaptations of Conan the Barbarian. The adventures of the three heroes on their way to liberating their people from the threat of Death Adder are part of the popular imagination for several generations thanks as much to the original game as to its various incarnations like the exclusive console sequels that arrived during the 90s.

Golden Axe is available to download on Uptodown with no geographical restrictions, just like the other games in the SEGA Forever series, which are just as iconic both for the company and for gaming history in general: Sonic The Hedgehog, for example, as well as Virtua Tennis and Altered Beast, are a few of the games you can also download from the series.

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