Prosecutors claim Marcus Hutchins admitted writing malware code

Andrew Mabbitt, the founder of Fidus Information Security where Hutchins works has spoken out in his defense and tried to clear up some apparent misinformation about the 23-year-old hacker’s stay in Las Vegas during Def Con. While some reports have focused on the pricey Airbnb where Hutchins was staying and rented supercars he was driving, Mabbitt says that the stay in the villa was free, and someone else paid to rent the Corvette and Lamborghini he tweeted about driving.

The prosecutors apparently also cited tweets from the past week where Hutchins fired guns (legally) at a local range as a reason why he should not be granted bail. His lawyer Adrian Lobo called that claim “garbage” while telling reporters outside the courthouse that the judge determined he is not a flight risk said he would be released once certain conditions are met. Those include raising $30,000 for bail, and reportedly he will be banned from internet access or contact with his unnamed co-defendant. Unfortunately, because the clerk’s office closed at 4 PM that has not happened yet. The attorney expects he will be released on Monday, but he will need to appear in Wisconsin to face the grand jury indictment there.

Marcus Hutchins has been regarded worldwide as a hero due to his actions during the recent WannaCry outbreak, and Andrew Mabbitt says that as soon as tomorrow there will be a crowdfunding campaign starting to help raise funds for his legal defense.

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