HBO hackers return with exec emails and a ransom demand

The leaked emails belong to an as-yet unidentified HBO exec. Their contents have not been divulged. However, the mere fact that the hackers have correspondence belonging to HBO’s management is a worrying sign for the video service. The entire debacle is increasingly starting to resemble the infamous Sony Pictures hack from 2014, which proved very embarrassing for the studio. More recently, the motive for the Netflix breach in April was also extortion.

Earlier this week, HBO revealed that thousands of internal documents had been stolen. The update followed the leak of episodes from a bunch of shows, including Ballers, Insecure and Room 104, as well as two from Bill Hader’s upcoming comedy series Barry. Then, just days later, the fourth part of GoT’s latest season was dumped online ahead of its intended release. However, that leak was not thought to be related to the HBO hack.

As of writing, it’s unclear who has their hands on the latest HBO materials. Therefore, it could just be a matter of time before the documents end up on the web. They also reportedly include financial balance sheets, employment agreements, and marketing-strategy PDFs. And, of course, GoT fans should stay alert for potential spoilers circulating online.

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