DJI pulls drone app plugins that swiped too much user data

The company is also pulling two other plugins, jsPatch and Tinker, that let DJI deliver small updates without replacing an entire app. While DJI doesn’t mention any instances of these add-ons swiping more data than necessary, the firm is yanking both to make sure that all app updates get a “thorough screening” before they hit your Android or iOS device. The drone maker is looking at other plugins in its Go apps, too, and promises to be cautious before incorporating more.

It’s unusual for a company to announce that it’s removing features, if temporarily in some cases. However, DJI has a strong incentive to scale things back. Questions over the security of its drones have led to lost business. What good would it do to keep the plugins if DJI didn’t have the trust of its customers? Between this and the other security initiatives announced today, DJI has undoubtedly decided that it’s worth a little short term pain to earn your long term respect.

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