David Letterman is joining forces with Netflix for a new show

The series will consist of six hour-long episodes that feature a single guest in conversation with Letterman — a sort of long-form interview. However, he’ll also go out into the field to explore topics and issues away from a desk. The series does not yet have a name. Letterman said of the deal: “Here’s what I have learned, if you retire to spend more time with your family, check with your family first.” It’s scheduled to premiere in 2018.

This is just the latest announcement in a slew of big gets for Netflix, from a movie starring Sandra Bullock to yesterday’s acquisition of Mark Millar’s comic book empire. It’s difficult to not be impressed by how far the company has come from its DVDs-by-mail starting point. Netflix has become a major player in the TV and film landscape, and this newest get for them makes it clear they’re here to stay.

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