The Morning After: Thursday, July 20th 2017

This list goes to 11.Back to School 2017: The best computers for students

Today our buying guide focuses on computers. Surface, MacBook, Spectre — we break down all the big names and point out why they deserve a spot in your dorm room this fall. With starting prices ranging from $469 to $1,550, and screen sizes running the gamut from 12 inches to 27, there’s something for just about every use case.

Windows 10 is coming to appliances.Microsoft shows off a Nest-like thermostat based on Cortana

Microsoft didn’t make this GLAS thermostat — Johnson Controls did — but Windows IoT tech is powering its smart features. Like Harman Kardon’s speaker, it shows what the Cortana Skills Kit is capable of voice controls and more. We don’t have much information about this device yet, but it appears there’s a new challenger to take on Nest.

It’s a smart stick.Axon trains your muscles with light-based feedback

This pool-cue-like training tool can tell how hard you’re pushing its sensing end into a hard surface, then provides feedback via built-in lights to direct your workout. The five-foot-long Axon claims it can provide a full-body workout, which… we guess is true. Kickstarter pricing starts at $199, which seems perfect for something you’ll use once before tossing it in the garage next to your elliptical, pull-up bar and ThighMaster.

Great for insomniacs.Apple’s ‘Planet of the Apps’: lousy TV, good for developers

You’d think that Apple would be able to create a show that’s unique, informative and entertaining, given its expertise on the subject matter and history of innovating (even if its latest projects have been bland). Unfortunately, the most interesting part of the show barely gets enough screen time.

Get to the airport early.DHS: Enhanced airport screening measures are now in effect

If you’re flying into the US, you can expect a greater scrutiny of your electronics. You may be asked to unpack your carry-on bags, so security officials can examine these devices. You can also expect more swabbing and bomb-sniffing dogs.

It’s not a fake life saver.911

We had a busy day for emergency calling across three different tech companies. Apple patented a way for users to discreetly call 911 with just their fingerprint, while Google updated its phone app to automatically display your location (based on GPS) for you to see when you call 911. That’s great, but OnePlus 5 owners are just worried about their calls going through after multiple users reported that dialing 911 caused their phones to reboot. An update to fix the bug is on the way.

This is just televised ‘Scrabble,’ right?Here’s the ‘Words With Friends’ TV show you didn’t ask for

Following the lead of Shazam, Angry Birds and Candy Crush, MGM and Zynga are working on a Words with Friends game show.

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