‘Forces of Destiny’ YouTube series explores untold ‘Star Wars’ tales

The animation is basic but serviceable: think Kim Possible rather than The Clone Wars. Each episode is prefaced by Lupita Nyong’o as Maz Kanata, saying, “The choices we make, the actions we take — moments, both big and small — shape us into Forces of Destiny.” According to Ars Technica, the final eight episodes will appear in October. The current shorts jump around in time, with stories about The Force Awakens‘ Rey and BB-8 and The Clone Wars‘ Ahsoka Tano alongside episodes about Leia Organa and Jyn Erso. All the characters are performed by their live-action counterparts, except for Leia, who’s voiced by Shelby Young.

While the kid-friendly Forces of Destiny doesn’t get too intense (Jyn Erso saves an alien cat from Stormtroopers, Leia distracts the snow monster from Hoth so Chewbacca can fix a door), the series is certainly a fun way to spend some more time immersed in the Star Wars universe.

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